Binge eating disorder – our therapy

Regaining control over your eating behaviour – that is the aim of our binge eating treatmentat Schoen Clinic Berchtesgadener Land. Our experienced therapists and nutritionists will work with you to develop effective strategies to treat your binge eating.

We start with an analysis of your eating behaviour: What are typical trigger situations in everyday life, what function does excessive eating fulfil for you? Then you will practice mindful eating, with orderly meals and a balanced nutritional plan that makes binge eating attacks unlikely. At the same time, you will train to deal better with the specific trigger situations of your binge eating attacks in everyday life: You learn to react appropriately to stressful situations and develop alternative ways of coping.

To ensure that the therapy has a lasting effect, we work with you to develop emergency plans to help you not giving in to the urge of eating too much, even at home.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder is an eating disorder that causes eating behavior to get out of control. Learn more about the causes and symptoms.