Adjustment disorder – our treatment

Our experienced psychotherapists will help you to regain your balance in the event of an adjustment disorder. To develop the optimal treatment plan for an adjustment disorder, we first look for the trigger. What exactly threw you off track? Your personal therapist will work with you to develop an individual therapy to overcome your adjustment disorder.

You discover unfavourable thought patterns in yourself and learn to develop better ones. We also motivate you to find a healthy balance between work or activity and relaxation. If your adjustment disorder has already gained a depressive component, we will support you in overcoming this as well. With empathetic, intensive talk therapy and complementary services such as creative, music or sports therapy, you have a good chance of getting your life back on track. This is why we also provide you with useful strategies on how to take good care of yourself in future stressful situations.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Adjustment disorder

An adaptation disorder is a temporary disease that can be treated well. All about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis here.