Treatment methods

Eating healthy

Binge eating therapy is predominantly about changing your eating behaviour, for example by balancing foods.
Experienced therapists support you in developing mindful eating habits and getting into a structured eating rhythm. Together with you, we will work out the perpetuating conditions of your eating disorder.

Conservative treatment methods

The therapy concept

First you’ll record in a diary which foods you’ve eaten and how you felt while eating them. This helps to understand the feelings and habits behind an eating attack.

In different therapy units, you’ll also learn what mindful eating is. Our therapists will guide you in changing your dietary habits, for example in terms of regularity, composition and balance.

It’s also important to us that you are able to increase your sense of self-worth. In the therapy group “social competence,” you’ll learn different strategies for coping with stressful situations in the future, without eating attacks.

At the end of therapy, we’ll work with you to develop a relapse prevention strategy. This involves drawing up “emergency plans,” for example, to use for critical situations at home.