Treatment methods

Understanding the disorder together and learning how to overcome it

Treatment first means investigating together. With the help of a psychotherapist, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of your disorder: What exactly do I have? How can I get to know myself again? Afterwards, you and your therapist will develop personalised approaches for your therapy. You’ll learn how to recognise and change unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns. At the same time, you’ll discover the significance of your social circle and bring activities and recovery into harmony. The goal of therapy is to understand and overcome your adjustment disorder, and prevent a more severe psychological disorder from developing. Using helpful strategies, you’ll be able to better combat bad luck in the future.

Conservative treatment methods

Adjustment disorder: cure through support

If you can’t cope with a new life situation, you can be supported by your environment. But if you continue to have difficulties for a long time, we recommend seeking professional help. You can find this, for example, through psychosocial services or charity counselling services for psychological illnesses. They can also assess whether hospitalisation is advisable in your case, or if outpatient psychotherapy would be better.