Dr. Bartholomäus Schade

Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Consultant - Hospital for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

+49 4561 54-452000

Job title

Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
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Publication 2001

Toxoplasma gondiiinduction of interleukin-12 is associated with acute virulence in mice and depends on the host genotype
B. Schade, H.G. Fischer

Publication 2001

Attenuation of mouse-virulent Toxoplasma gondii parasites is associated with a decrease in interleukin-12-inducing tachyzoite activity and reduced expression of actin, catalase and excretory
Nischik N, Schade B, Dytnerska K, Dlugonska H, Reichmann G, Fischer HG.

Publication 1999

Differential CD86/B7.2 expression and cytokine secretion induced by Toxoplasma gondii in macrophages from resistant or susceptible BALB H-2 congenic mice
H.G. Fischer, R. Dörfler, B. Schade, U. Hadding