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Specialist Centre for Psychosomatic Medicine

Effective treatment in our psychosomatic clinic

Our interdisciplinary treatment team draws on a large repertoire of sustainable forms of therapy. Through the close exchange with our sister hospitals, we continue to develop our therapies in the Schoen Clinic. We offer people with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders effective and individual therapies in our specialized psychosomatics.

With our experts to new perspectives

Eating disorders - a cure is possible

The Centre for Behavioural Therapeutic Medicine at the Schön Klinik Bad Staffelstein has been specialised in the treatment of anorexia and bulimia for many years. We know that it takes a lot of strength to change one's eating habits. Despite the complexity of eating disorders and mostly years of illness, it is possible to overcome them.

Wrong ideas about the disorder, the course of the disease or even missing coping techniques can perpetuate the illness. In our therapy, we focus on long-term treatment planning, teaching relieving coping techniques and networking with outpatient possibilities.

Depression and burnout - feel hope again

Depression is one of the most common but also the most underestimated diseases. The delineation of the different types of depression and their therapy adjustment is done by the current symptoms and the present course of disease. Therefore, we lay the foundations for the success of the treatment with a detailed diagnosis and rely on a regular monitoring. According to the S3 guidelines, we treat depending on severity with psychotherapy and/or pharmacotherapy. This is preceded of course by a clarification and joint decision with you.

Joint or back pain at burn-out

We often hear the desire for a balanced treatment of body and mind. We have therefore prepared a specialization range for the Psychosomatics and Orthopaedics departments, in which our specialists from both areas can bring in the expertise for their treatment.

The range includes an orthopaedic support from the beginning during your inpatient psychosomatic treatment. We offer psychotherapeutic body therapy with a focus on mindfulness, inner experience and physical well-being, but also orthopaedic clearly body-related physiotherapy and workouts.

Be taken seriously: Burn-out and disease fears

A long ordeal is often preceded by psychosomatic disorders. We take your fears and health concerns seriously and offer medically indexed internal and orthopaedic measures during your inpatient psychosomatic treatment. So you can take advantage of psychotherapeutic conversations, but also have internal orthopaedic treatments - both carried out with heart and mind.