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Your path to the Neurological Clinic

Acute inpatient treatment (Phase B)

We offer a continuation of acute inpatient treatment (in accordance with Section 39, Book V, of the Social Security Code). This covers neurological first-stage rehabilitation for severely affected patients who are indicated for extensive medical treatment as well as nursing and therapeutic support. The Social Assistance Department of the treating hospital sends the patient’s medical records to our specialist doctors and forwards the application for costs to the respective health insurer at the same time. As soon as we have a cost agreement, our Patient Service Department will agree a short-term admission date.

Further rehabilitation (Phase C) and follow-up treatment (Phase D) with a prior hospital stay.

As a rule, the follow-up treatment will be arranged by the hospital where you were previously treated. The follow-up treatment request signed by you will be forwarded by the hospital’s Social Assistance team to your health insurer or pension insurance institution as well as to us. The funder will as a rule inform us about the given cost agreement, whereupon you will receive a letter of invitation from us informing you about your arrival and admission date. Depending on the state of your health, you can also spend a few days at home between hospital discharge and the start of rehabilitation.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can also be undertaken on an outpatient basis following an acute illness. A certificate of medical need from your attending physician (orthopaedist or accident surgeon) and a cost acceptance statement from your health insurer are prerequisites. As soon as we have the cost agreement, you will receive an invitation letter from us informing you of the date of your first treatment day, when you will come to us.