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Do you have questions or want to come during consultation hours? Please contact us.

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Convalescence after a previous stay in hospital

As a rule, convalescence following inpatient treatment is initiated by the social service of the pre-treating hospital or your attending physician. The application for this convalescence signed by you is forwarded to your health insurance company or your pension fund and, at the same time, to our hospital. The insurance provider informs us of the granted cost agreement. If we have this, we will inform you in writing or by telephone about your admission date. Depending on the state of your health, you can also spend a few days at home between hospital discharge and the start of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation measure without prior hospitalisation

Do you have health problems that result in limitations in your performance in your professional or everyday life? Then talk to your attending physician and submit an application to your responsible insurance provider for a rehabilitation measure at our clinic. The pension fund often covers the costs for those in employment. In this case, the application form is sent to the pension fund together with a medical report. For pensioners or people covered by family insurance, the health insurance company is often responsible; in this case, your doctor will first send a short application to your insurance company. You can also obtain application forms directly from your health insurance company or pension fund or via their website. As soon as you have your insurance provider's declaration of the assumption of costs, you can arrange your admission appointment with us. Talk to your doctor about a possible treatment in our hospital: he is the right person to talk to about both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation!

Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehabilitation can take place after an inpatient stay in hospital or directly from home. This requires a medical application for outpatient rehabilitation from your attending physician and a declaration of the assumption of costs from your health insurance company. Upon receipt of the confirmation, we will be happy to arrange an admission appointment with you. We treat patients for outpatient rehabilitation, IRENA and BG patients as well as privately insured people and self-payers.

Another important note:We do not provide spa treatments or prescriptions.