Hip impingement – our rehabilitation services

Have you undergone surgery due to a hip impingement? In this case, subsequent rehabilitation specially adapted to your situation is crucial to enable you to become mobile again and return to your normal everyday life. In the metropolitan area of Nuremberg you are in the right hands with our specialists at Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein – whether as an inpatient or outpatient.
The treatment concepts developed by our joint experts with many years of experience will help you to quickly get back on your feet with the right treatments after your hip impingement surgery and free you from your pain. The focus is, of course, on physiotherapy, which uses various exercises to strengthen your muscles and tendons as well as regain mobility in your hips. In our experience, the therapy pool is also a very effective measure in the rehabilitation of your hip complaints.
For the time after rehabilitation, we give you tips on how to take care of your hips without neglecting sports and exercise.


General information about Hip impingement

Hip impingement - when the femur hits the acetabulum. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.