Hip dysplasia – our rehabilitation services

If you suffer from hip dysplasia as an adult, surgery is not necessarily required for treatment. But no matter whether your acute treatment was with or without an operation: Your hip will need rest for several weeks. Afterwards, rehabilitation is urgently recommended, which we are happy to provide for you in the greater area of Nuremberg at Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein – whether as an outpatient or inpatient. Our goal: We want you to be able to move around pain-free again. Our medical specialists have developed comprehensive treatment concepts for this purpose and adapt these individually for you.
During the rehabilitation of your hip dysplasia, effective exercises in the therapy pool and physiotherapy are important components in order to build up your muscles and strengthen your joints. However, you will also learn additional exercises, which you can easily do at home, as part of occupational therapy. In this way, we provide you with lasting support in preventing possible long-term effects of hip dysplasia.
With the training and expertise from rehabilitation, you will enjoy sports again in the long term – despite your hip dysplasia.

Rehabilitation/Aftercare in adults

General information about Hip dysplasia

The origin, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia - learn how our experienced specialists can help you or your baby.