Dr. Elisabeth Rauh

A long path of suffering often precedes therapy. This is no reason to give up, but rather to support you with peace and compassion. And it shows that coping is possible!

Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Head of Department - Specialist Centre for Psychosomatic Medicine

+49 9573 56-0

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Specialist in Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy
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Publication 2008

Handbuch Psychosomatische Begutachtung
Grundmann Helga, Elisabeth Rauh, Michael Svitak

Publication 2002

Ratgeber Somatoforme Beschwerden
Elisabeth Rauh, Winfried Rief

Publication 2008

Effects of a consultation with genetic information in obesity. Journal of psychosomatic Research
Conradt, M., Dierk, J.M., Schlumberger, P., Albohn, C., Rauh, E., Hinney, A., Hebebrand, J. & Rief, W.

Publication 2017

Virtual reality jogging as a novel exposure paradigm for the acute urge to be physically active in patients with eating disorders: Implications for treatment.
Paslakis G, Fauck V, Röder K, Rauh E, Rauh M, Erim Y.