Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – our rehabilitation services

The damage to the brain caused by a traumatic brain injury can have serious and lasting consequences. Therefore, intensive rehabilitation, which should start as early as possible, is of the utmost importance. At Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein in the greater Nuremberg area, we specialise in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and, thanks to our respiratory care unit, intensive medical care as well as special nursing care, we can admit you to our clinic at a very early stage after acute treatment.

The severity of your traumatic brain injury determines the duration of your rehabilitation and the individual therapeutic measures. If you are initially ventilated artificially, respiratory therapy plays an important role in the further course of treatment. In addition, we use various activating therapies, such as swallowing and speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, to mobilise you step by step. At the same time we also take care of the psychological consequences of your traumatic brain injury and do everything we can to gently guide you back into a life that is as independent as possible.


General information about Traumatic brain injury

A craniocerebral trauma is an injury to the skull and brain. Learn more about the causes & symptoms of this trauma.