Stroke – our rehabilitation services

Following acute treatment for a stroke, such as surgery, a seamless transition to rehabilitation as aftercare is of great importance for your optimal recovery. We are ideally positioned for precisely this at Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Even if you are initially not able to breathe independently, we can admit you thanks to our respiratory care unit. Thus we can begin with the rehabilitation measures as early as possible and achieve the greatest possible treatment success. The exact duration of rehabilitation is very individual and depends on the severity of your stroke.

Our experience has shown that it is extremely important to start therapy at an early stage and to initiate the first exercises for mobilisation to promote your mobility. Little by little, swallowing and speech therapy as well as other therapeutic measures tailored to your needs will be used to gradually and gently take you back to your life.


General information about Stroke

A stroke often changes the lives of those affected very much. More information about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis can be found here.