Centre for Neurology - Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Centre for Neurology - Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Your specialist neurological clinic in Upper Franconia

Neurological conditions often have serious consequences – and therefore require intensive treatment and a high level of expertise from the specialists treating them.

In our specialist neurological clinic in Bad Staffelstein, we have been specialising in the treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitative therapy of all neurological conditions with damage to the brain and nervous system for more than 20 years. We take care of the continuation of acute inpatient treatment for your underlying conditions and the improvement and management of the limitations you are experiencing. Our hospital offers medical care from a single source, from the respiratory care unit with intensive medical treatment to further rehabilitation and follow-up treatment.

We stand for an integrative, interdisciplinary treatment approach. Our teams of consultants and specially trained therapists and nursing staff work closely together to ensure the best possible therapy for you. Our goal is to support you to regain your independence in everyday life and thus your quality of life following your neurological condition. Looking after your relatives is also an important focus of our work.
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Specialised rehabilitation - Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

Specialised rehabilitation for critical illness polyneuropathy

At Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein, we have the optimum set-up, particularly for the treatment and early rehabilitation of patients with severe nerve damage. We treat more than 70 patients with the diagnosis of polyneuropathy every year.

We pursue treatment of the underlying disease but also promptly initiate personalised early neurological rehabilitation. We use a great number of mobility-enhancing measures and are successful in supporting the early regeneration of your damaged nerves, thus improving your quality of life.

Respiratory therapy - Schoen Clinic Bad Staffelstein

A milestone: learning to breathe independently

Respiratory therapy constitutes a particular focus of our early neurological rehabilitation. We help you with your breathing through a tracheal cannula if you are unable to breathe independently at the beginning. Using electrical stimulation and special exercise techniques, our respiratory and swallowing therapists, consultants and nursing staff work with you to train your independent breathing.

In 60 per cent of our patients with neurological conditions, we are thus able to remove the tracheal cannula during the first phase of rehabilitation – an important achievement and great progress towards greater independence.

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Experience, expertise and empathy – our specialists at the neurological clinic in Bad Staffelstein support you or your relatives in the event of severe neurological disorders on their way back to an independent life.

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