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Comprehensive help for body and mind in Bad Staffelstein

Treatment of mental health complaints requires a deep understanding of the complex interplay of body, mind and environment from all those involved in the treatment.

Schoen Clinic in Bad Staffelstein has specialised in the treatment of mental health complaints such as eating disorders, depression, states of exhaustion, physical complaints that cannot be influenced directly, anxiety disorders and health concerns for 15 years.

We advocate a comprehensive and integrative therapeutic approach in which we combine modern methods of psychotherapy with elements of proven traditional therapies.

It is very important to us to work with you to find solutions for you that have a beneficial effect on your body and mind and bring back your strength and confidence. Through our intensive commitment to research and cooperation with renowned experts from the Schoen Science Office, we are also able to incorporate the latest scientific findings into your therapy.

Helfen können durch Zuhören – Die Behandlungen und Therapie

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass Psychosomatik komplex ist und es schwer zu vermitteln ist, wie Behandlungen Lösungen in Gang setzen können. Wir hören zu und denken uns in Ihre Situation ein. So kann es uns gelingen, individuelle Ansatzpunkte für eine mögliche Veränderung Ihrer Beschwerden zu finden.

Cooking and eating - treatment of an eating disorder in Bad Staffelstein

Special procedures in the treatment of eating disorders

When it comes to treating eating disorders, we offer a special, integrated range of services, interval therapy. Its aim is to accompany you step by step back to your independence and everyday life. Interval therapy is based on several treatment phases, which take place alternately at our clinic and in your home environment. During your stay at home, however, you will not be left on your own – if necessary, we will monitor you intensively, for example by means of telephone calls.

In this way, we want to increase the chances of long-term stability in your social environment.

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An interdisciplinary team of consultants, psychologists and therapists treats you in our mental health clinic. Together with you, we create a treatment plan that is optimally adapted to your needs.