Treatment methods

Conservative treatment methods

Help you to help yourself

Our treatment programme combines stabilising structures with flexible margins. We strive for regular and sufficient eating habits that let the build-up of body structure regenerate again.

Overcoming this takes about three years and requires you to agree to a treatment chain from “outpatient” to “outpatient clinic” or “in-patient”.

Nutritional management with anorexia

Learn to eat on your own again: This is one of the most important abilities that our therapy should impart. Your nutritional management can be supported by proven therapeutic measures such as food logs and therapeutic agreements on quantity (“pacts”). Naturally there are rewards in place if you abide by these.

Eating disorder group: Share stories with each other

Problems can be confided better in an open, respectful atmosphere and remind you that you are not alone in your struggle. With like-minded people, you’ll reflect on the possible perpetuating conditions of your illness, practice conscientious behaviour and maintain a conscious view of role models in media. The entire group will devise possible solutions and try them out together.

When those who are affected by anorexia feel power and energy inside themselves again and can feel a sense of confidence due to therapy, that is the most wonderful validation of my work.
Dr. Elisabeth Rauh, Dr. Elisabeth Rauh, head physician of Schön Klinik Bad Staffelstein