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On the day of your departure, we kindly ask you to make the additional payments prescribed by the insurance providers at our reception. Other costs, such as your telephone charges, will also be billed there. We accept EC cards (with PIN entry), and all credit cards.

Alcoholic beverages

Bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited in our facility. No alcoholic beverages are served in our cafeteria either.


The registration process varies slightly depending on whether you will stay at the hospital afterwards or if your specialist or general practitioner will prescribe rehabilitation.


Here you will find all information, including a detailed description of how to get there by car.


Please be prepared to arrive between 9 am and 11 am. Please contact our reception directly after your arrival, right next to the main entrance.

Admission date

You are welcome to coordinate the date with us. If you cannot make an agreed upon appointment, please contact our patient service immediately.

Assisted patients

You can find detailed information, including the legal basics, here.


Visitors are able to have meals in the dining room. You can buy meal tickets (lunch and dinner 6,- €, breakfast 4,- €) at the reception. Please contact the service staff in the dining room before the meal so that we can consider your space requirements.


In our cafeteria you will find a wide selection of food and beverages as well as an extremely extensive range of products for your daily needs.

Fax use

You may use the fax machine at the reception for a fee.


All our rooms have a TV connection. We will be happy to provide you with a television if you wish. Alternatively, you will find a TV in the group room on each ward and in the recreation room, which you can use together with your fellow patients.

TV flat rate costs

Television includes Sky Sports 1, Sky Sport Bundesliga, National Geographic Wild, Discovery Channel, TNT, Sky Cinema Family. The daily fee is € 2.00. If you choose to have a TV in your room, we ask you to pay the fee for 40 days in advance, that is 80, - €. For each additional day we will charge exactly to the day of departure (at 2.00 €) on your departure. If you stay less than 40 days, we will of course refund the balance paid in advance.

Telephone-TV flat rate costs:

If you would like to use the television (including Sky Sports 1, Sky Sport Bundesliga, National Geographic Wild, Discovery Channel, TNT, Sky Cinema Family) as well as the telephone in your room, you have the option of a combined telephone-TV flat rate for a reduced 2.75 € per day. Here, too, we ask you to pay in advance for the first 40 days, so 110, - €. We will reimburse you for any overpaid daily rates if you stay for a shorter period. For a stay of more than 40 days you will pay the additional fee (2.75 € day) on departure.

Leisure programme

Our extensive leisure programme offers lectures, films, concerts, but also creative courses and much more. What’s on offer changes weekly. In addition, you are of course free to use the leisure and cultural facilities of the spa resort of Bad Bramstedt. These include, for example, cinema and theatre performances in the nearby theatre of the Kurhaus, which you can reach on foot in about ten minutes.


Our cafeteria offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks at moderate prices. There is also a free water dispenser (carbonated or still). If necessary you can buy a plastic bottle in the cafeteria.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile devices is prohibited in the public areas of the clinic. However, you can always be reached by landline or Internet if you wish.

Internet workstations and Wi-Fi

The Internet spaces are located in the foyer and can be used by means of an access code which can be obtained from the reception desk. In addition, the clinic has an extensive WLAN network. 

In our Internet café you will find four powerful computers and a printer (free of charge). These devices are at your disposal from 7:00 in the morning until 22:30 in the evening. 

WLAN: If you have your own notebook with you and would like to use the WLAN, you will receive your personal access code at the reception. You will receive a step-by-step guide from us with which the configuration becomes child's play. 

Costs: The WLAN network and the Internet café are available to all patients free of charge. With this free Internet access, you can write e-mails and surf the Internet. Video streaming or similar is not possible with this connection. 
Would you like a larger data volume with which you can also use streaming services or several devices at the same time? We offer you paid tickets that enable video streaming and allow you to use the WLAN connection on two devices at the same time.

1 day      5,00 EUR
7 days    25,00 EUR
30 days  50,00 EUR 

Double room (WLAN-WL free of charge) when using the optional service
An increased bandwidth is available to you free of charge, which you can use on two devices at the same time.

When using the optional service single room (WLAN-WL-EZ free of charge)
An increased bandwidth is available to you free of charge, which you can use on three devices at the same time.

What to pack

Here you will find a suitcase packing list, which makes it easier for you to think of everything important.


A photocopier is available for a fee in the basement at the bottom of the spiral staircase.


We can not guarantee you a parking space and therefore recommend that you travel by public transport. The nearest regional train station is only a 3-minute walk away. There is a payable car park directly at our clinic. The charge for patients is

  • 1.80 € per day and
  • a maximum 72.00 € for the entire stay.

Private patients

You can find comprehensive information about our services here.

Smoke-free clinic

We want to protect our patients and employees from the unpleasant odour of smoking. Smoking is therefore prohibited in the entire clinic building, including in the rooms and on the balconies. Smoking is only permitted at a smoker’s pavilion located in the car park area in front of the clinic.

Swimming pool

Our swimming pool is located in the basement of House A and is at your disposal free of charge in the evenings and at weekends. You will need a towel, slippers and a € 1 coin for the lockers.


There is a direct telephone connection in your room. Make sure you can be reached by telephone by choosing a flat-rate telephone service. This includes all calls to the German landline network as well as to all German mobile phone networks. Please note that foreign numbers and service numbers cannot generally be dialled. External callers only pay the fees agreed with their respective network provider.

Flat rate telephone costs: The daily fee is € 1.50. If you choose to have a telephone in your room, we ask you to pay the flat rate for 40 days in advance on arrival, that is 60,- €. If you stay longer and keep the telephone flat rate, any further use (1.50 € per day) will be charged on departure. If you stay less than 40 days, we will refund the balance paid in advance.

Laundry and drying room/Laundry service

in the basement we have set up a laundry room for you with coin-operated washing machines, dryers and ironing boards. You can get the irons for a deposit at the reception. Please bring your own washing powder (alternatively there are supermarkets and a chemist in the town about a 15-minute walk away).


You should try to leave jewellery and other valuables at home. Otherwise, we recommend locking cash and valuables in the room safe or deposit them in the safe at the reception.