Somatoform disorder – our therapy

As we know that the triggers of a somatoform disorder are different for each person affected, we allow plenty of time for you. At the beginning of your therapy, it is particularly important for us to get to the bottom of the causes of your symptoms. Our therapists then put together a treatment plan consisting of various therapy components that is tailored to your somatoform disorder. Cognitive behavioural therapy, with which we have had very good experience, is a central element.

In addition, we integrate – depending on the symptoms and personal needs – accompanying therapeutic measures into the treatment of your somatoform disorder. These include, among other things, movement therapy, occupational/creative therapy, and biofeedback. Our goal: to change the way you deal with physical ailments so that you can cope with your everyday life again. If necessary, we also use drugs during the treatment.

The medical clarification of your symptoms should be completed before your stay, so that we can use the time during your inpatient stay intensively for your therapy.

General information about Somatoform disorder

Somatoform disorders can often occur during childhood and adolescence. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the disorder.