Panic disorder – our treatment

What many people forget in their desperation: panic disorders are easily treatable with the right support. With us, you will find the help you need to overcome your fears, prevent panic attacks and, at the same time, give up the avoidance behaviour that you have developed as a result of your anxiety. Our experienced consultants and therapists use mainly behavioural therapeutic techniques such as exposure therapy to treat your panic disorder.

Under sensitive guidance, your therapist encourages you to face situations that you have previously avoided out of fear of a panic attack. The goal: You consciously experience a panic attack and realise that the catastrophe you feared, e.g. a heart attack or stroke, will not occur. In our disorder-specific group therapy, you will also work on the basics and background of your panic disorder. Within the group, you encourage and support each other. Whether the use of drugs in the therapy of your panic disorder is appropriate depends on the severity of your symptoms and your personal situation.

General information about Panic disorder

A panic disorder often triggers a paralyzing anxiety in patients. You can find out more about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics here.