Hypochondria – our treatment

If the constant fear of illness determines your everyday life and that of your relatives, you will find professional help with us. Our experts specialise in the treatment of mental illnesses such as hypochondria and help you to regain confidence in your body.

In order to work out a therapy for your fear of illness that is tailored to your needs, we start your treatment with a detailed medical history. We will also discuss whether short-term drugs should be used.

For long-term success, we'll guide you through intentional exposure to the factors that trigger and maintain your hypochondria. With our experienced therapists, you will learn methods of overcoming fear and how to apply them effectively in everyday life. In short: You will receive the necessary help to allow you to help yourself so you can return to everyday life with renewed strength.

General information about Hypochondria

Hypochondria (health anxiety) is quite common in the general population. Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics.