Generalised anxiety disorder – our treatment

So that constant anxiety no longer determines your life, you can expect a proven, state-of-the-art therapy concept from us. Our long-term experience confirms that your generalised anxiety disorder can be overcome permanently and without drugs. It is particularly important to us to provide you with the most important basic information for self-help, so that you can face everyday and challenging situations with confidence in the future.

A detailed anamnesis enables us to tailor the therapy of your generalised anxiety disorder exactly to you and your individual needs. You’ll learn specifically how to identify negative thought cycles and worries and how to break through them. Your therapist will use confrontation therapy to guide you to think through difficult situations and find new and constructive ways of thinking. At the same time, various relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises help you to focus your attention and to overcome tension and inner unrest.

Individual therapy

General information about Generalised anxiety disorder

The generalised anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorders. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disorder.