Depression – our treatment

We want to support you to regain your zest for life and to lead an active life with your relatives without depression. To achieve this, our experts rely on the proven cognitive-behavioural therapy, in which you learn strategies and skills to free yourself from your depression, which means you receive sustainable help so you can help yourself.

In the individual and group therapies, we are primarily concerned with helping you to recognise your depressive thought and behavioural patterns and to transform them into new, constructive patterns. You will learn strategies for problem solving, you will be able to talk to other affected people and, at the same time, you will be able to rebuild social contacts and practice skills in dealing with others. Sports therapy and mindfulness training additionally support you in gaining positive experiences. If necessary, we also use drugs to alleviate your symptoms – especially for severe depression. The duration of your treatment depends on the severity and course of your depression.

We even offer special treatment concepts for different age and professional groups, which are tailored to their specific needs. In this way, you will be optimally supported on your way out of depression.

Group therapy

Individual therapy

General information about Depression

Signs, causes and diagnosis of depression? We clarify and demonstrate how we detect and treat depressive disorders.