Chronic pain – our treatment

The development of chronic pain differs significantly from person to person – that is why our experts rely on multimodal pain management, which includes medical, psychotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic elements. In specific terms, this means that we usually combine the treatment of your physical symptoms with behaviour-oriented psychotherapy. The aim of the therapy is to work out individual factors influencing your pain experience and positively change both problematic behavioural patterns when dealing with your pain and unfavourable thought patterns. If necessary, we also use drugs to help you put your pain in perspective or stabilise your mood.

To what extent your chronic pain can be changed always depends on your individual situation. With our proven therapy, we achieve very good results in minimising movement restrictions and other consequences of your chronic pain and in increasing your quality of life again. With us, you will become an expert on your pain and learn how to deal with it better and live a self-determined life again.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Chronic pain

Chronic pain is not ordinary pain. Recognise symptoms and understand causes. Get expert advice now.