Burnout – our treatment

Do you feel burned out and empty, are you at the end of your tether? With us, you will find professional help on your way out of the burnout trap. At the beginning of your therapy, a detailed behavioural analysis takes place to determine your individual course of disease and the phase of your burnout syndrome. In the individual discussions with your mentoring therapist and the indicative group “Burnout”, you will work on new strategies and behavioural patterns to solve conflicts and problems. You will learn to deal better with stress – and to better assess your limits.

Burnout is usually connected with putting excessive demands on yourself. We want to help you to become aware of these and change your attitude and behavioural patterns. In this way, you can make a lasting change in your life and take the first step towards effective burnout prevention. We supplement your burnout therapy with additional activities such as mindfulness training as well as creative or movement therapy. If you wish, we can also include your relatives in your burnout treatment, as they provide important support for you in your daily challenges.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Burnout

Burnout develops slowly. Therefore, it is important to know about warning signals & burnout symptoms. Inform here.