Borderline personality disorder – our therapy

In order to help you to get off your emotional rollercoaster, our borderline personality disorder treatment relies primarily on dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) developed by Marsha M. Linehan. This proven therapy for borderline personality disorder helps you to reduce self-harming or relationship-damaging behavioural patterns and develop skills suitable for everyday life. You learn to deal better with critical situations and stress and to control strong emotions.

Together with you, our experts will develop an individual therapy plan tailored to your illness and your personal life situation following a detailed analysis and tests. As we know what important support your relatives provide in everyday life, we include them in your therapy in consultation with you. Our goal: To improve your borderline personality disorder as far as possible and to support you in handling your feelings and relationships better. In this way, we also help you to help yourself with your borderline personality disorder.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Borderline personality disorder

Borderline is a personality disorder with the occurrence of strong emotional fluctuations. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of Boderline.