Anxiety disorder – our treatments

If your fears have the upper hand in everyday life, you will find professional help in the therapy of anxiety disorders with us. After a detailed anamnesis, in which we take a close look at the individual causes and maintaining factors of your anxiety states and their interaction, our experienced experts focus on individual psychotherapy with individual and group sessions. There you will learn to break the cycle of anxiety by recognising automatic thought and behavioural patterns – and then you can change them in the next step.

This also includes confronting the trigger of your anxieties directly and thus overcoming them. Meanwhile, we’ll also show you effective techniques for relaxation and mindfulness and offer various sport and movement therapies. Our goal is to quickly get you fit again for everyday life and to free you from your anxiety disorder in the long term with our treatment.

General information about Anxiety disorder

An anxiety disorder is a serious disease that needs to be treated. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disorder.