Adjustment disorder – our treatment

Through a detailed analysis and tests, we first get to the bottom of your adjustment disorder: What has triggered your adjustment disorder and how does it affect your everyday life – and often your relationship as well? Based on this, our experienced experts work with you to develop an individual treatment plan for your adjustment disorder, which will help you to gain new stability and thus overcome your illness.

In the case of an adjustment disorder, psychotherapy will help you to learn to recognise negative patterns of thought and behaviour and to replace them with more positive ones. At the same time, we show you how to find the right level of activity and relaxation and how to include your social network. Our goal is for you to understand and overcome your adjustment disorder and face future challenges in life with renewed strength. The duration of psychotherapy always depends on the course and severity of your illness as well as your personal life situation.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Adjustment disorder

An adaptation disorder is a temporary disease that can be treated well. All about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis here.