ADHD in adults – our therapy

Hyperactive, easily distracted or rather disorganised? Your psychotherapy with us always begins with a detailed test to find out which symptoms you are likely to be experiencing most often in order to make your individual ADHD diagnosis. We then work with you to draw up a very personal therapy plan with elements such as individual and group therapies. Our goal: To provide you with strategies and skills that you can use to better cope with your everyday life with ADHD.

In doing this, we rely on your active cooperation: In intensive one-on-one conversations, you learn new behavioural patterns that will help you to get a better grip on your symptoms step by step. At the same time, you boost your self-esteem and reduce everyday and relationship problems. In group therapy for adults with ADHD, you can also talk with other affected people about your experiences and support each other together. In addition, we offer regular trialogues where patients, relatives and experts can talk to each other.

If psychotherapy alone does not provide you with sufficient help, we can also use drugs alongside this. After a detailed consultation, we will also support you in an advisory capacity.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about ADHD in adults

ADHD in adults: An attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also affect adults. Find out the causes and symptoms here.