Computer addiction – our treatment

How should you conquer your computer addiction when PCs and the Internet are omnipresent nowadays – both at work and at home? As it is virtually impossible to completely avoid them, we do all we can to enable you to use a computer in a controlled and sensible way again. Our experienced experts offer you professional consulting and help to conquer your computer addiction in a lasting way.

To this end, our therapists intensively address the individual characteristics and causes of your computer addiction. Building on this, they work out strategies with you to break through old behavioural patterns and find your way back into a structured daily routine. You learn how to control your often strong craving for computers, how to regain a regulated sleep-wake rhythm and how to make contacts in the real world again – and thus also how to minimise the consequences of your computer addiction and the risk of a relapse. Possible elements of your computer addiction therapy include individual and group discussions, eating together, sports and leisure activities.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Addiction to computers

About 1.5 million Germans are considered computer addicts. Here you can find out what this means, the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of this addiction.