Mental health clinic - Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt

Mental health clinic - Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt

Mental health rehabilitation and therapy as individual as you

Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt located in northern Germany is the largest mental health hospital for acute treatment and inpatient rehabilitation in Germany. You will find a very wide range of treatments here, which are adapted to your respective condition. We therefore offer, among other things, dedicated treatment concepts for adults with ADHD or for older people.

Each therapy is as individual as our patients: Our qualified team of consultants, psychologists and therapists takes the time to understand you and your illness as well as your circumstances – and provide you with targeted help so you can cope with your mental illness. Within individual and group therapies, you will develop strategies that will enable you to take your life back into your own hands and change it for the better. To do this, we rely on modern, scientifically recognised procedures and continuously develop our range of treatments for you.

Outstanding experts

Our hospital has already received several awards for top-quality medicine from the German magazine Focus Health: In addition to the award as one of the best hospitals in Schleswig-Holstein, we have received seals for the treatment of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. We are also delighted to have received the award as a top rehabilitation hospitals for diabetics and mental health. 

Highly specialised for treatment success

Due to the size of our hospital, we can offer you treatment concepts that are precisely tailored to your illness and your life situation. Among other things, we offer special treatment concepts for traumatised people – for example, for soldiers and police officers who have had traumatic experiences during their work. During intensive individual discussions, you will learn strategies from our experienced team so that you can cope better with your everyday life. In addition, we have had good experiences with group therapies in which those affected can support each other. 

ADHD in adulthood

ADHD is often mistakenly perceived as a mental illness that only affects children and adolescents – adults can also suffer from it. Classic symptoms include internal unrest, concentration problems and organisational difficulties. Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt is one of the few hospitals in Germany that specialises in treating adults with ADHD. During our therapy, you learn a better approach to self-management.  

Depression at an older age

The feeling of no longer being needed, decreasing resilience or the fear of being alone: For many, beginning retirement is a drastic experience. If several stressful factors then come together, this can result in depression. With our ‘60Plus’ treatment concept, we specifically address the challenges of this late phase of life and work with you to develop solution strategies.

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Your specialists for mental health in northern Germany

You are in the best of hands with us for mental illnesses: Our qualified and renowned consultants, psychologists and therapists, with their many years of experience and a high level of empathy, do everything in their power to get your life back on track. Based on the latest scientific findings and treatment methods, we intensively consider your individual situation and work with you to overcome your problems.