Treatment methods

Getting your emotions under control

To ensure that treatment is successful, we draw up a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific problems and personality structure. With your agreement, we can also involve your family and partner since they are an important support in managing daily challenges. A treatment method called “Dialectic Behavioural Therapy” ((DBT) as practised by Marsha M. Linehan has proven especially useful in treating borderline personality disorder. With the help of this treatment approach, you will learn here to cope with critical situations and regulate your negative emotions.

Conservative treatment methods

Borderline personality disorder therapy: the DBT concept

DBT aims to change patterns of behaviour that are self-harming, suicidal and damaging to relationships, or which have a negative impact on your quality of life. In doing so, it’s important to us that we understand your perspective on things. Using exercises for internal and external awareness, we help you to train your perspective on your feelings and your interpersonal relationships. 

In the “Skills Training” group therapy sessions you learn patterns of behaviour that can lower your level of tension in a stressful situation. Then you can manage stress better in future. Because unresolved feelings are often the cause of stress, in the group we also show you skills for regulating your emotions. With them you can gain more awareness in your everyday life, and thus more options for maintaining control over yourself.

In addition to group therapy, you will also have individual therapy sessions as part of DBT. Further elements of your therapy may include art or occupational therapy, movement therapy and social counselling.
Once your treatment has advanced and you are relatively stable again, we will discuss measures for your social and professional rehabilitation together with you.