Panic disorder in adolescents – our therapy

At our special ward for adolescents, we help you to get your anxiety and panic attacks under control. Our sensitive and experienced therapists and doctors specialise in the therapy of panic disorders in adolescents and rely primarily on the proven exposure treatment: You will learn to once again face situations step by step in a safe environment that you had previously avoided for fear of a panic attack – for example, going to school or going shopping alone.

In your accompanying individual therapy, we help you to understand why your fears and panic attacks have arisen and how you can cope with them. At the same time, the anxiety coping group therapy, which is specifically aimed at adolescents, and the problem-solving group, in which you can exchange ideas with peers about similar fears and difficulties, also support you.

Other therapies, such as social skills training, sports and exercise therapy, art therapy, mindfulness training and relaxation therapy, will help you to overcome your panic disorder as well.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Panic disorder

A panic disorder often triggers a paralyzing anxiety in patients. You can find out more about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics here.