Depression in adolescents – our treatment

We want to help you have more joy in life and spend carefree time with your family and friends. With the help of our clinic’s team of experts who specialise in dealing with depressive teenagers, you will learn, during our treatment, to better perceive your feelings and needs, and to overcome your depression .

In individual therapy, we help you to understand why your depression came about and work together to develop strategies on how you can change negative thoughts. In the accompanying group therapy, you can share your experiences with other adolescents and young adults and support each other. Upon consultation, we also involve your family in your treatment, and during our so-called stress tests at the weekend you can try out what you have learned in our clinic at home.

In order to cope with your depression in the long term, we also practice with you during your therapy to rebuild a daily structure with positive activities. Here, sports and exercise therapy, as well as mindfulness training and a wide range of leisure activities in our clinic for young people, including tennis, swimming and playing the piano, come into play.

Group therapy

Individual therapy

General information about Depression

Signs, causes and diagnosis of depression? We clarify and demonstrate how we detect and treat depressive disorders.