Borderline personality disorder in adolescents – our therapy

With us, you get the necessary support for dealing with your emotional roller coaster. Our therapists at Schoen Clinic Bad Bramstedt specialise in the therapy of emotional instability (borderline personality disorder) in adolescents and young adults: We take you and your problems seriously and look closely at your diagnosis. Together we work out strategies on how you can better cope with high stress, difficult situations and intense feelings.

In your therapy in our clinic, we rely on borderline personality disorder’s proven dialectical behaviour therapy for adolescents (DBT-A) according to Marsha M. Linehan and supplement it with other behavioural and schema-therapeutic procedures. In group therapy, you can share ideas and support each other with girls and boys of the same age who have similar difficulties.

Our other youth therapy offers, such as relaxation or sports and exercise therapy, also help you reduce harmful behaviour patterns and replace them with new, helpful habits. In order to implement what you have learnt directly in everyday life, you can also carry out stress tests at home or in your school. Upon consultation, we also include your family in your therapy.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Borderline personality disorder

Borderline is a personality disorder with the occurrence of strong emotional fluctuations. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of Boderline.