Anxiety disorder in adolescents – our treatment

We want to help you overcome your anxieties and the restrictions they place on your life. Our team of caring therapists and doctors is specialised in the treatment of anxiety disorders in adolescents and take you and your anxiety states seriously.

In individual therapy, we’ll first help you understand why your anxieties have developed. Then we’ll work with you on behavioural experiments, for example, to find confrontation and exposure strategies that you can use to better cope with challenging situations. In our group therapies, you can also talk with and get mutual support from adolescents dealing with similar situations.

We also rely on sport therapy and physiotherapy as well as relaxation therapy to reduce your inner turmoil and tension. Other therapies we offer, such as social competency training or art therapy, will help you to overcome your adolescent anxiety disorder in the long term. To practice what you've learned in your everyday routine, step by step, you’ll have the opportunity to do "stress tests” at home or your school. If you agree to it, we will also include your family in the treatment.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Anxiety disorder

An anxiety disorder is a serious disease that needs to be treated. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disorder.