Treatment methods

Learning new behaviour patterns

Computer game addiction treatment at Schoen Clinic aims to (once again) enable the meaningful use of computers at work and in everyday life. With the help of their therapist, those affected develop strategies that help them to break through old patterns of behaviour. These strategies help them to deal with their often strong desire for the computer in a controlled way. This can minimise the risk of relapse.

Conservative treatment methods

Structured daily routine, regulated sleep-wake rhythm

It is hardly possible to do without computers and the Internet today. Our goal is therefore to enable patients to use computers in a meaningful way, both professionally and privately. First of all, it is usually a question of actively finding one’s way back to a structured daily routine. This includes a regular sleep-wake rhythm as well as the resumption of social contact in the “real” world. 

Computer game addiction – Treatment: further treatment options

The further development of the treatment is individual. It depends entirely on the respective personal causes of the computer addiction and the individual manifestation of the clinical picture. Possible therapy elements include specific group therapies for various other problem areas, communal eating, sports, conversations, as well as planning and carrying out communal leisure activities. With the help of our social counselling service, patients can also develop new perspectives for their home environment. This can concern, for example, their workplace, family or circle of friends.

Feedback discussions

Which individual treatment steps the patient goes through depends on his individual needs: based on regular feedback discussions, the therapist continually adapts the treatment plan to suit the personal development of the patient. In this way, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment at all times.