Treatment methods

Getting the noises in your ear under control

Depending on the type of tinnitus you have, there are various effective treatment strategies available. If the tinnitus has occurred for the first time, this is known as acute tinnitus. If it persists, it is referred to after around three months as chronic. Both forms can be treated. Alongside medication, relaxation methods can also help with acute tinnitus. If acute tinnitus has developed into a chronic condition, comprehensive treatment is called for.

Conservative treatment methods

Tinnitus therapy: treatment for acute tinnitus

According to new guidelines, acute tinnitus is treated with a three-day course of high-dose cortisone. Especially if there is also an acute reduction in hearing. The treatment is based on the treatment of acute sudden hearing loss (Querverlinkung?)

In the acute phase, we also recommend relaxation methods and consulting a doctor for an examination. The focus of treatment lies in alleviating the emotional and mental stress - especially if the tinnitus is not accompanied by any reduction in hearing and the ENT investigations show no acute damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear. In this case, the administration of cortisone is not absolutely necessary - especially if stress, strain, anxiety and depression may turn out to the cause of the tinnitus.

Tinnitus therapy: treatment for chronic tinnitus

If the acute therapy was unsuccessful, we first check whether the symptoms are still causing a problem and need to be treated. If you are no longer experiencing your tinnitus as a burden, then no further treatment is needed.
If the symptoms are a considerable burden with significant physical and/or mental stress such as interrupted sleep, anxiety or depression, we recommend comprehensive treatment with a multi-layered approach. Inpatient treatment at one of our specialist clinics can be ideal for this. Here, ENT consultants, psychologists, specialists in psychosomatics, specially trained audiotherapists, as well as physiotherapists, music therapists, sports therapists and other specialists work together. They all have the goal of significantly reducing your extremely burdensome tinnitus or even pushing it completely out of your sphere of consciousness. The treatment of any conditions accompanying the tinnitus is of course also part of the approach. This path is intended to guide you towards a new quality of life and joie de vivre, without the burden of tinnitus.