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Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy

Successful psychotherapy - as individual as you are

At Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen you receive help with diseases from the entire spectrum of psychosomatic medicine. Based on the latest scientific findings, our multi-professional teams create a holistic treatment concept. Various therapeutic elements are coordinated according to your needs into a meaningful whole - for a proven sustainable treatment success.

When the young soul falls ill - special treatment options for adolescents

Around 20 per cent of children in Germany have mental abnormalities, and ten per cent have clearly recognisable mental disorders. In recent years, the number of children and adolescents in need of treatment has increased steadily. They need more intensive care than adults, as well as a range of clinical therapies tailored to the needs of this age group. Experience shows: The earlier the children and adolescents receive therapeutic treatment, the greater the chance of recovery and prevention of chronification. In our departments for adolescents, we treat patients with eating disorders, depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as emotional disorders and attachment disorders.

Our experts open up new perspectives for you

Depression - individual and sustainable therapy

In your treatment, we focus on teaching and learning new patterns of behaviour and thinking, building positive experiences and developing individual problem-solving strategies. Other forms of therapy, such as sports and movement therapy or relaxation techniques, supplement the therapy plan. Our goal is that you reach a better quality of life in the long run.

Special therapy for chronic depression

If you’ve suffered from depression for more than two years and haven’t felt any improvement, our special therapies will help you. You will learn to solve patterns of thinking and behaviour established over years and to actively and consciously shape your life again.

Burnout syndrome - multimodal therapy offer

For your optimal treatment, we draw from the extensive experience and expertise of our employees from a comprehensive pool of different therapy offers. Your reference physician and reference therapist will put together the right treatment plan for you from a variety of therapy components. The therapy content consists of medical, psychotherapeutic, physiotherapeutic as well as ergotherapeutic components, which are closely coordinated and complement each other in content.

Decompensated tinnitus - noticeable treatment success

The prerequisite for optimal treatment is an exact diagnosis. Our specialists in otorhinolaryngology can draw on many years of expertise for this and carry out a comprehensive neuro-otologic diagnosis, which can be found in comparable form at most in large university hospitals. On the basis of these findings, our specialists from the fields of ENT and psychosomatic medicine work out a tailor-made treatment plan together.

Neuro-otologic diagnostics - conscientious root cause study

The doctrine of the ear nerves and the equilibrium system deals with disorders of the head senses, such as hearing, balance, smell, taste, vision as well as voice and language. Modern investigation methods enable an objective representation of these complex systems.

Anxiety disorders - build trust again

So that fears no longer determine your everyday life, we combine behavioural therapy and experience-oriented therapies whose effectiveness has been proven many times over. Exposure training is a central part of our therapy. In these therapeutically accompanied and controlled confrontations, you train your courage and regain self-confidence. Your sense of security, perhaps already thought lost, can be cautiously strengthened by our experienced therapists through this training.

Obsessive-compulsive disorders - coping with everyday life again

When creating your treatment plan, we combine behavioural therapy in individual and group therapy with complementary therapies, such as sport and movement therapy, mindfulness training, art and design therapy, relaxation techniques or bio-feedback.

We do not proceed according to Scheme F, but take into account your personal medical history. The results that we achieve with this therapy concept are scientifically accompanied. Therefore we know: Even though the obsessive-compulsive disorders of our patients were usually very pronounced before the treatment - on discharge, most can reduce their compulsions to such an extent that they can cope with their everyday lives again.

ADHD - increase attention and self-control

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is everything but a teething problem. Often the symptoms remain undetected in childhood and lead to large problems in professional and private life in adulthood. As one of the few centres in Germany, we have specialised in the treatment of adults with ADHD.

The goal is to enable you to control ADHD and not be controlled by ADHD. For this, the acquisition of appropriate strategies for the regulation of emotions and self-awareness are important. Often this is not easy, but it is an absolutely necessary way in which our experts expertly guide you.

If you suspect ADHD, we offer a special consultation hour for outpatient ADHD diagnostics.

Eating Disorders - learning to trust your body

The goal of our treatment of eating disorders is that you can trust your hunger and satiety feeling again. We want you to be able to eat and drink on a regular and enjoyable basis, without your thoughts constantly revolving around your body weight, figure or calories.

We treat the following disorders:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating disorder

Comprehensive treatment for every patient

Eating disorders affect mostly girls and young women - but more and more often the disease is also being diagnosed in young men. We treat every patient who comes to us with eating disorders - whether adolescent or adult and of any gender.

Somatoform disorders, including vertigo

Somatoform disorders are physical complaints for whose development or maintenance no clear physical causes are found. The body then developed a kind of memory for physical complaints. Our therapeutic goal is to change your pain memory. We help you to find solutions for stressful living conditions and to change your pain memory so that the symptoms disappear.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - regain control

Stressful life events and profound changes can lead to a prolonged, massive impairment of life quality. With us you will receive the therapeutic support and the shelter you need to complete the experience, regain security and stability in everyday life and gain new quality of life.

Hyperacusis - for a relaxed approach to noises

If the noisy outside world is a real pain for you, you'll find the support you need from our highly specialised experts. Our treatment team - consisting of otolaryngologists, psychologists and therapists - knows that being sensitive to noise is not only physically unbearable for you, but also often the symptom of depression, anxiety disorder or another crisis. As part of our treatment, you will gradually learn how to normally manage environmental noise again. Our goal is to make you hear easily again thanks to our hyperacusis therapyand learn to enjoy listening again. Thisnormalises your everyday life.

Meniere's disease - comprehensive expertise for your hearing and balance

Massive vertigo with nausea, noise and pressure in the ear and deafness. The symptoms of Meniere's disease are hard to bear for sufferers. Our multi-professional team of specialists will help you alleviate the symptoms and develop personal strategies to be able to prevent attacks.

In addition to the medicinal Meniere’s disease therapy, you will receive professional psychological support to cope with psychological effects - such as depression, anxiety, the feeling of loss of control and helplessness. Balance training and relaxation techniques are also part of your therapy plan.

Diagnostics - the basis of a successful therapy

Depending on the nature of your complaints, we use a variety of diagnostic procedures to get a comprehensive impression. These results provide important insights needed when planning a tailor-made treatment.

In addition to carefully surveying your history (anamnesis), we carry out a psychological diagnosis. For this we also use scientifically proven test procedures in the form of questionnaires - partly computer-aided. We can also check your therapeutic success.

Internal examinations, such as lab results, ECG, EEG or ultrasound, provide additional data. With our precise and comprehensive ENT diagnostics possibilities we offer you a pronounced expertise in hearing and balance problems. Another special feature is our specific ADHS diagnostics.

We take a lot of time for you because we are convinced that a thorough diagnosis is the basis for effective and sustainable therapy.