Tinnitus – our treatment

If you perceive persistent whistling or noise in your ear, do not wait long to seek medical advice. Because: Acute tinnitus cannot be treated with simple home remedies. In many cases the administration of drugs is necessary, but surgery is only needed in rare cases.

If your tinnitus cannot be be healed in the first few months, it is chronic. If your suffering is severe, our sensitive therapy at Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen will focus on moving your awareness of your tinnitus to the background and reducing your mental stress. If sleep disorders, anxiety and depression also occur, our experts in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and mental health will rely on an interdisciplinary therapy approach. This will be based on a comprehensive ENT diagnosis and close careby our in-house ENT medical presence.

That way we can guarantee a therapy that is tailored to your tinnitus and your personal needs, in close cooperation with psychologists and specialist therapists. It is especially important that we have an empathic consultant/patient relationship. Thus liberation from your tinnitus stress anda  new joy of living are realistic goals for our treatment.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Tinnitus

Tinnitus - where does the noise in the ear come from and what can you do about it? Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disease.