Social anxiety – our treatment

You avoid social contacts and withdraw more and more due to fear of too much attention? Then we can help you, because our therapists specialise in the treatment of social anxiety. In confidential conversations with you we get to the bottom of your fears and then show you ways to overcome them.

Treatment focuses on psychotherapy with one-on-one and group discussions. Exposures and behavioural experiments in which you face anxious situations under the sensitive guidance of your therapist are an integral part of your therapy for social anxiety as well. We can also do this in a virtual reality (VR) setting. The aim of these exercises: You realise that your worst fears will not occur and that you can trust yourself. We also give you strategies for self-help along the way.

Furthermore you have the option of using other offers, such as relaxation training or sports and creative therapies. Depending on the type and form of your social anxiety, we also treat you by additionally using medication.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Social anxiety

Social phobia is an anxiety disorder and describes a "pathological shyness". Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics.