Panic disorder – our treatment

If fear and anxiety are affecting your live, you are not alone. Panic disorders can be treated with professional help. Our experienced clinicians and therapists can help you to overcome your regular panic attacks, so that you can finally live without anxiety again.

To start your therapy, an individual clinical picture will be created for you and you will be provided with information about the symptoms of anxiety and panic. With help from your treatment plan, especially tailored to you, we then help you to gradually reduce your anxiety and develop a functional way of dealing with anxiety symptoms. If necessary and effective, we will supplement your therapy with medication as well.

We specificially have good experience in treating panic disorders with behavioural therapy measures such as exposure. With this method, you will be knowingly exposed to critical situations under the guidance of your therapist and gradually learn that you can overcome these situations, trust your body and also find out how to do that.

Individual therapy

General information about Panic disorder

A panic disorder often triggers a paralyzing anxiety in patients. You can find out more about the causes, symptoms and diagnostics here.