Obsessive-compulsive disorder – our therapy

Do compulsive thoughts and actions determine your everyday life, rob you of your energy and time, endanger your relationships or isolate you without you being able to defend yourself against them? Then you will find professional help with us. Our experienced therapists support you in overcoming your obsessive-compulsive disorder and regaining normality and quality of life in your everyday life.

Compulsive acts and obsessive thoughts are curable. In order to be able to understand and treat your obsessive-compulsive disorder, intensive talks are held as a first step to find out the cause of your compulsions. Based on this, an individual treatment with individual therapy and tailor-made therapy interventions are made, which are matched to your personal situation. The execution of so-called exposures or confrontations with your compulsions is often indicated here. In consultation with you, medication may also be used.

The goal of your therapy: You will learn that you can cope with negative feelings that you have so far been able to ward off unconsciously through your compulsions, and that you can overcome them in the long term. Under the sensitive guidance of your therapist, you practice facing critical situations. We provide you with effective self-help strategies that you can later use in your everyday life.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Obsessive-compulsive disorders

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is one of the most common mental illnesses in adults. You can find out everything about the causes and symptoms here.