Depression – our treatment

Out of the depression and back to more joie de vivre! Our experienced doctors and therapists support you with a tailor-made treatment to overcome your illness. Because what many do not know in their despair: With the right therapy, there is a good chance of curing depression.

With the help of cognitive behavioural therapy, but also newer procedures, such as mindfulness therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), we show you ways of recognising and defusing unfavourable thought and behaviour patterns. You will also learn self-help strategies and skills to help you overcome your depression. Depending on the form and severity of your illness, we also offer, in addition to psychotherapy, treatment with medication. Special therapeutic approaches for depression in older age and for chronic depression are also used.

Besides individual discussions, group sessions are part of our treatment concept for depression. You can share ideas with other affected people, practice new skills and have corrective experiences. In addition to psychotherapy, complementary therapies (such as creative, sports, exercise, and relaxation therapy) offer the opportunity to become more active again, develop a better body and self-esteem image, and regain access to yourself.

Group therapy

Individual therapy

General information about Depression

Signs, causes and diagnosis of depression? We clarify and demonstrate how we detect and treat depressive disorders.