Binge eating disorder – our therapy

Our doctors and therapists have many years of experience in the treatment of binge eating disorders and offer you the help you need to overcome your binge eating. To do this, they first work out the triggers and underlying reasons of your illness with you. They then develop an individual treatment plan with various individual and group therapies that is tailored to you and your binge eating disorder. If necessary, we can also use medication as back-up support.

The goal of our therapy is to permanently change your eating habits and prevent possible health consequences of your binge eating. A balanced nutritional plan will help you eat mindfully again and get back to a regular eating rhythm. In addition, we work with you on your self-esteem and on the ability to deal with stress, so that you can master challenging situations in the future without binge eating. With practical tips, emergency plans and relapse prevention, we prepare you extensively for the return to everyday life after your therapy with us.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder is an eating disorder that causes eating behavior to get out of control. Learn more about the causes and symptoms.