Anxiety disorder – our treatments

A racing heart, sweating or trembling– we all know these symptoms of anxiety. However, if these get out of hand and massively affect your everyday life, our professional team of therapists is there for you. Our individual treatment for anxiety disorders follows the principle of "helping you to help yourself" and includes special strategies, skills and exercises that accompany you on your way out of anxiety. Therapy is always tailored to your individual situation and the triggers of your anxiety – because with the right treatment, anxiety disorders can be curable.

In our extensive individual and group therapies, you will deal with your anxieties and find out how you can resist the flight and avoidance impulse. In the course of the therapy, you will learn to recognise automatic negative thought and behaviour patterns and to change them into positive ones – and so breaking the cycle of your anxiety disorder. The aim of our treatment is to reduce your avoidance behaviour and help you to get ready again for everyday life. If necessary, we can also use medication as back-up support alongside psychotherapy upon consultation with you.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about Anxiety disorder

An anxiety disorder is a serious disease that needs to be treated. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of this disorder.