ADHD in adults – our treatment

Unfocused, impulsive and disorganised – ADHD in adults repeatedly leads to conflicts and crises in everyday life and often to secondary diseases such as depression, anxiety and addictive behaviour. Affected people often fall short of their possibilities in life. Many relationship breakups and professional setbacks contribute to reduced self-confidence. Our team of experts specialises in ADHD treatment for adults. With our help you overcome your symptoms, continuously pursue your goals and cope better with everyday situations. Together with you, we create an individual therapy plan with extensive individual and group therapies.

In therapy, we provide you with knowledge of ADHD and new strategies that you can use to get a grip on your symptoms. This also includes an ADHD-specific coaching offer. At the same time, we work together to strengthen your self-esteem and to solve everyday or relationship problems more easily. Together with other affected adults, you will learn to accept your ADHD and take responsibility for your mental well-being. The principle of "helping you to help yourself" also calls for a special focus on coping with everyday life after inpatient treatment. We will also coordinate with you in a transparent and informative manner whether the use of ADHD-specific medication is advisable for you.

Individual therapy

Group therapy

General information about ADHD in adults

ADHD in adults: An attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can also affect adults. Find out the causes and symptoms here.