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Great expertise in mental illnesses

Thanks to our size and many years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of tailor-made therapies for numerous mental illnesses, including depression, eating disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), somatoform disorders, ADHD and tinnitus, at our mental health hospital near Kassel in Hesse.

We treat people rather than diagnoses and therefore take a holistic approach, which considers broad aspects of your life. The central elements of our mental health treatment is one-on-one and group psychotherapy. After we first examine the background and maintaining factors of your illness, we develop individual approaches and strategies to make positive changes in your everyday life – now and in the future. Our goal: You should regain your quality of life quickly and sustainably. 

Mental health treatment at the highest level

With us, as one of the top hospitals for mental health in Germany, you are in the best of hands when it comes to treating your mental illness. The systematic measuring of results over many years shows that we achieve significant therapeutic effects that last. Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen featured in the Fokus list for years as the top hospital nationally for all of the mental illnesses considered. We regularly perform very well in patient evaluations and over 90 per cent recommend us to others.

Living well with tinnitus

Our mental health hospital is one of the largest and most renowned tinnitus hospitals in Germany and offers you a highly specialised range of treatments for adults with decompensated tinnitus. During your therapy, we combine different methods, such as ENT medical diagnostics and education, psychotherapy, hearing therapy and relaxation therapies. Our goal: We want you to learn to live well with your tinnitus and to regain your zest for life.

Mental health treatment scientifically sound and innovative

We attach importance to mental health treatment at the cutting edge of science and continuously further develop our therapies. In addition to cognitive behavioural therapy, we focus, in particular, on mindfulness, value orientation and biofeedback. What’s more, we make the most of the advantages of digitalised medicine to support you in the best possible way on your journey towards a self-determined life – such as virtual reality techniques in the treatment of anxiety (exposure therapy) or the Recovery Record app, one of the world’s best technology-supported methods to support the treatment of eating disorders.

The battle against chronic depression

As one of few mental health hospitals in Germany, we offer you specific psychotherapy for chronic depression on a special ward: according to current scientific knowledge, the cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy, CBASP for short, particularly helps patients with chronic depression as well as difficult relationship experiences in childhood or adolescence. It helps you to overcome developmental blocks that are the basis of your psychological problems and allow new experiences.

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Your specialists for mental health in Hesse

Every one of our consultants, psychologists and specialist therapists, with a great deal of expertise and commitment, does their utmost day after day to get you fit again for everyday life and restore your quality of life. Your mentoring therapist is your trusted contact throughout your stay and will work closely with an interdisciplinary team. In this way, you receive an individually tailored treatment from one source along with different therapeutic approaches.