Treatment methods

Ménière’s disease therapy for better quality of life

Ménière’s disease is primarily a neuro-otological, physical underlying disease. However, it is often accompanied by pronounced psychosomatic symptoms such as anxiety, depression, loss of performance or a tendency to withdraw. These factors can have a negative impact on the course of the disease and trigger increased attacks. This is precisely why permanent, highly qualified therapeutic support is necessary.

At Schoen Clinic, we work according to the latest scientific findings. Our therapeutic concepts are multimodal and multi-professional. We generally work according to a therapeutic step-by-step plan, which is oriented to the stage of your illness. Our primary goals are to reduce dizzy spells, decrease fear and achieve your psychophysical stabilisation.

Conservative treatment methods

Ménière’s disease therapy with and without drugs

Simple prophylaxis 
As a conservative prophylaxis therapy, a low-salt diet may be advisable to reduce the risk of endolymphatic hydrops.

Acute phase
Medication for nausea and vomiting and sedation are useful in the acute phase.

Specific balance training 
In any case, balance training is necessary and sensible. The aim is to train the coordination of head, eye and body motor skills and to develop compensation mechanisms. This is helpful not only during attacks but also when the function of the vestibular system remains restricted or impaired as a result of the disease. During the training you will also learn to distinguish between the organically caused, genuine Ménière’s disease dizziness and psychogenic anxiety dizziness. In addition, trust in your own body and self-confidence are strengthened. At Schoen Clinic, symptom-oriented balance training is an essential, highly successful component of Ménière’s disease therapy. 

Biofeedback, sports therapy and various other specialist therapies are also part of our comprehensive treatment programme.

Therapies at a psychological level
Psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic measures are a particular focus of the Ménière’s disease therapy at Schoen Clinic. 
They serve to help you cope with symptoms and to treat secondary mental concomitant diseases, such as reactive mental anxiety dizziness or anxiety disorders. The course and frequency of attacks that are negatively influenced by anxiety can also be alleviated in this way.

With comprehensive counselling and information sessions, you will learn how to deal with your illness and alleviate its consequences.