Treatment methods

Good chances of recovery through special training

The chances of success for hyperacusis treatment are very high. Medications are not necessary during this. However, it is important that you actively participate in the therapy. 

Conservative treatment methods

Noise generator and special hearing therapy

We tailor your hyperacusis treatment individually to your disease. Depending on the hearing findings, an instrumental measure may be necessary, such as a hearing aid or noise devices. By correcting your hearing processing, you become more and more accustomed to sounds and can perceive them acoustically without any fear. 

Effective noise sensitivity therapy includes, among other things, intensive hearing therapy. Similar to tinnitus therapy, it is also a question of breaking the vicious circle of perception amplification. We also offer extensive explanatory and advisory therapy units. Psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions supplement the versatile treatment concept in order to treat possible concomitant illnesses. Our range of therapies additionally includes various individual and group therapies, as well as numerous specialist and sporting activities.