Spinal canal stenosis – our treatment

If you suffer from spinal canal stenosis – also known as narrowing of the spinal canal – our specialists at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen in the region Rosenheimer Land will be happy to assist you while drawing on all their experience. We aim to permanently relieve your pain in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine. First and foremost, we rely on conservative therapies, such as specific exercises from physiotherapy or the targeted use of medication, which often lead to the desired success when used in combination with each other. An operation may also be required in certain cases, i.e. with severe narrowing of the spinal canal. Our expert surgeons perform these operations as gently and minimally invasively as possible.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods for the lumbar spine


General information about Spinal canal stenosis

Spinal canal stenosis is a painful narrowing of the spinal canal. You can find out everything about the causes & symptoms here.